With a beautiful view of the ocean and to a grove of coconut palm trees, the Bright Sand Castle was designed by Alagoas’ architect Leila Gomes de Barros Vasconcelos and it is decorated by various local handcrafted pieces. The house has a large porch with couches and chairs, patio umbrella, a hammock, a kiosk, and a swimming pool. The 4 rooms in Bright Sand Castle can comfortably fit up to 9 people.

Capacity (People)


Ocean view - 100m

Swimming pool

A/C in all rooms

Dinnerware up to 12 people





Voltage - 220v

Bright Sand Castle’s living room has 2 couches, 4 very comfortable chair, two dining tables – one that sits 10 people and one that sits 5 –, and half bath.


The kitchen has 2 fridges and 1 freezer, a four- burner stove and an industrial five-burner stove, ice machine, and alternator.


Panini press, toaster, blender, hair dryer, and an electric shower head.


Right outside the house, there’s a big showerhead and a covered patio area with a sink, tables, and chairs. The house has an outbuilding that can extend the reservation up to 7 rooms.


  • Dinnerware for up to 12 people;
  • Cable TV, DVD, stereo, and Wi-Fi;
  • Voltage – 220v;
  • Parking garage for 2 car and parking lot for 2 cars;
  • No pets allowed.

The Bright Sand Castle has 4 rooms that can fit up to 9 people. All rooms are equipped with A/C.


  • 1 room with a queen-size bed;
  • 1 room with a king-size bed and a pull-out bed;
  • 2 rooms with 2 single beds each;

All rooms have dressers with drawers, closets with hangers, and enough space to store suitcases;

The bathrooms have electric shower heads and, in the master suite, besides the shower,there’s a cold-water shower head.

The Condominio Vila Entre Chaves offers exclusive services included in priced, such as:


  • Three free meals and three-people crew at your disposal during your stay;
  • General services crew support at the beach to help you to put on and take off your beach kit, bringing beverages, cocktails, appetizers, and all beach-related things upon request;

Children up to two years are not taken into account when counting the total of people staying at the house. A portable cradle will be provided upon request. Children older than two years old will be taken into account when considering the capacity of the house.


  • Extra beds will incur an additional cost. The price of the extra bed is 40% the price of the reservation itself and it is limited to 1 bed per house.
  • House of 03 rooms can be rented from 02 rooms;
  • Houses of 04 or 05 rooms can be rented from 3 bedrooms;
  • Houses of 06 and 10 rooms can be rented from 04 rooms;

Employees work 8-hour shifts.

The timeframe should be set by the guest upon reservation to fit their schedule provided that they respect the availability offered by the Vila.


Requesting extra hours with the staff will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. The price is to be determined and owed by the guest.

Inquire about additional information and availability.